Good Day at The Club

Physical fitness is very important to me and I enjoy all types of exercise. Every once in a while we will have a day working out that is extra special, where we feel we could go forever, well almost forever. And when I have one of the days I take advantage of it. Today was one of those days, not the best I have ever felt, but close. I drove to the club today because it was -10 and slippery and I don’t bike in that kind of weather so I didn’t know how my workout was going to go. I usually bike 4.5 miles to the club which gives me a good warm up and I will usually have better workouts when I am able to bike. But today I got there and hopped on the treadmill and walked for just a little bit. Then I started my run and was feeling pretty good right away. After 2-3 miles and was hardly breathing and felt like I was almost floating as I ran and then I knew it was going to be good. So I kept it up and this is the result.

Now I’ve never been very fast but I keep working at it and of course being a grandpa means I get more breaks. But I didn’t think it was too bad. I did a little more walking afterwards and then went to the bike room and biked 10 miles to finish off the workout. This is definitely not my standard workout, usually there is more biking and less running because the long distance runs really take a toll on my feet, but I enjoyed it none the less. About a year and half ago I was able to do a half marathon on the treadmill and a slightly slower speed but couldn’t quite get there today. I suppose I could experiment with running a little slower to see if I could do it but I am so used to running at one speed that that is just what I do.

I have noticed that it is much harder to stay in good shape in the winter. In the summer I just love going on long bike rides especially when it is warm and sunny. But here in Minnesota (the land of ice, snow, sub-zero temps, and very little sunshine) we don’t have that luxury for 6 months of the year. But you have to stay in shape just in case there’s a mountain that needs climbing or you decide on a whim to bike to Texas. Either of those could happen at any time. Be ready!

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  1. I let myself go a little bit in winter. Not too much though. I find that if you try to maintain that peak fitness all-year-round, you won’t. Your body needs to have peaks and valleys like a professional athlete who has an on season and offseason. I find that my summer peaks of top fitness will be much better if I also have an associated season of relief and relative rest.

    1. That is so true. I find that if I don’t give my body time to rest, it does it for me in the form of injuries or lackluster workouts. I hurt my hip last December and couldn’t run for 2 months. Luckily I could bike without pain and substituted that. I also find that it really helps if you have a goal that your working towards like a bike challenge or possible a 14nr or two in your future.
      Thanks for the comment!

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