Blogs I Read

I read these blogs on a regular basis. All are very down to earth and interesting to read with tons of information for young and old alike. If you want to get your act together and retire early your going to want to read these blogs.  Just a young guy, (to me) but really the godfather of a life of freedom and a optimistic mindset. He also has a fantastic forum that you can find whatever it is you need to know about or just for entertainment.  I think I started reading this blog when Justin first started posting. He is a wealth of knowledge on keeping costs low, taxes, simple investing, and shows how if you just continue on your course, you don’t have to do anything fancy to get to your goal.  I read the forum here because the of the high level of knowledge of the posters.  Jeremy and Winnie are fun to follow as they travel all over the world. Their food pics are amazing and he has a great amount of information on taxes and how to simplify them.  These two retired early form their engineer jobs and have great common sense. Just because other people are buying a house doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good idea. They also travel the world over and give great examples of how to retire early.  You have to love his blog name. He does things a little different in that most of his investments are in dividend stock which more closely resembles my investing style. He has a lot of great ideas and is full of energy when it comes to blogging a lot. He just needs to get some sleep.

I am sure there is more but this will be a good start.